We believe in the future

At RCM, life is fast, energetic and ambitious. It’s a place of charting new territory and excellence in all we do. Every day.  
Here's what our people say that means in action. 

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Amit SudharshanAmit Sudharshan

…and it’s expressed in many different ways. Obviously commercially, but also from a talent, reputational and global perspective. Here you have the opportunity to help build something special. I think that’s pretty rare. If you want to get better and see how much you can achieve, if you’re ready for ambitious goals and demanded to meet them, this is a great place for you.”

Amit Sudharshan
Chief Technology Officer

Juan Navarro-StaicosJuan Navarro-Staicos

…our Chief Investment Officer trusts the people that work for him. That trust leads to substantial responsibility. We’re not Portfolio Managers, like some other funds have, we’re business managers, building something that’s scalable, repeatable and leverages the entire firm. It’s not a silo where we run our own capital. We’re all part of something bigger.”

Juan Navarro-Staicos
Investment Officer

Esther ObadinaEsther Obadina

…the work’s exciting. I have a good team and a great relationship with my manager. My colleagues are very helpful. There’s a lot to do. You need to be prepared to work harder, to put yourself out there and allow yourself to experience new things. But you will learn, grow a lot and have the chance to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.”

Esther Obadina
Fund Controller

Jian Chao WuJian Chao Wu

…which is what happened to me. I have had various transitions – from Investment Analyst to Portfolio Trader, through a series of other roles to an FX Investment Officer. The career progression goes hand-in-hand with my career aspiration and demonstrates that people can and will grow with the firm, if they contribute and work hard.”

Jian Chao Wu
Investment Officer

Amine ChaferAmine Chafer

…and that’s really good. The reputation of the firm and the interview process you go through means you know you’re in a place that’s always looking for excellence. That gets me motivated to perform every day. There’s a great deal of collaboration and feedback is very important. People are intelligent and curious. Trying to contribute their very best.”

Amine Chafer
Investment Quant

Julie OthmanJulie Othman

…so you deliver great work and see the impact of it. Have a good idea and pitch it. And you see the results of all this. Life is anything but boring. It’s a challenging and fast-paced environment. But it’s full of opportunity.”

Julie Othman
Investment Quant

Lucy BurnettLucy Burnett

…it’s incredibly exciting. We seek to attract people that want to come on a journey with us and help with our change agenda. Build what we want to build. If that excites you and you don’t want to be doing the same thing, day in and out, this is a brilliant place to work.”

Lucy Burnett
HR Advisor

Adrian PaulAdrian Paul

…and being part of Rokos is contributing to a team that is best in class. It can be quite demanding, but it’s an attractive proposition for people joining, even at the early stages of their career. You’ll be participating and growing in a place of excellence.”

Adrian Paul

Mark EdwardsMark Edwards

…every day is different. It’s so interesting. The groundwork is done, but there’s still loads and loads to do – which is exciting. We’re building out our asset classes. We’re opening new offices. For people who join us, they can be part of the growth for the next five, ten or fifteen years.”

Mark Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

…you don’t get many opportunities like this. A firm that’s still relatively young in its life, that’s so very ambitious, that wants to be involved in so many asset classes and that wants you. These types of opportunities don’t come along that often.”

Steve Horne
Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Lauren EllisonLauren Ellison

…and we work closely with some of the brightest traders and structurers in the market. But the greatest benefit of being here? Learning. There are not many places you could go and learn this range of asset classes. It’s intense, but you get to learn fast.”

Lauren Ellison
Associate Investment Officer

Ronak ShahRonak Shah

…but met someone in the quant strategy team and went for that instead. There’s a high demand on achieving perfection in any analysis you produce. This leads to a lot of time spent on tiny details, making sure you’re really on top of things. If you’re the sort of person who can’t let something go until it’s finished, you’ll be a good fit.”

Ronak Shah
Trading Strategist

…it’s a firm that cares about your thought process and what you bring to the table. They view people as having different muscles and the ability to flex them in different areas. There’s never a shortage of projects and initiatives to work on. Whatever you’re focusing on will be relevant, exciting and new.”

Moran Forman
Investment Officer

Pria BakhshiPria Bakhshi

…if you want to get involved in something, you can contribute. No one’s going to tell you it’s their role and you can’t – people here are instinctively collaborative and welcome new ideas. We go at a million miles an hour. It requires energy, but it’s so stimulating that I actually get more energy back from it. It’s so inspiring to be somewhere this ambitious and travelling this fast.”

Pria Bakhshi
Director, Core Portfolio Team

Martin EvansMartin Evans

…be prepared to listen, learn and ask questions. One of the great things about working here is we do so many asset classes, different trading styles and so on, that it’s a unique learning opportunity. It keeps me on my toes, engaged and motivated every day.”

Martin Evans
Chief of Staff, Global Markets

Alex McMillanAlex McMillan

…so you get an in-depth understanding of how the business works, how different teams interact, as well as a great understanding of your own product area. It’s valuable because you really see the bigger picture. You interact with very senior people from day one. You’re sitting with people who are at the top of their game. They’re very willing to teach you.”

Alex McMillan
Investment Officer